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My name is Paul Brown and I have tried to make Myempirehits traffic exchange a fun
and rewarding place to be and to encourage all members to visit every day.

The goal of Myempirehits is to achieve maximum advertising exposure for your business.

There are two Types of Pro Membership Available

See signup page for full descriptions

Free Member Sign Up Bonus

(Activate by surfing 20 pages)

2:1 Viewing Ratio: Earn 1 credit for every 2 sites you view.
250 Free credits when you join + 250 credits for each referral
200 Banner Impressions when you join + 200 Impressions for each referral
200 Text Impressions when you join + 200 Impressions for each referral
15 second countdown timer
Add up to 5 different web sites
Add up to 3 different Banners
Add up to 3 different Text Impressions

Bonus Benefits

Several Games Available
Solo Ads Available
Referral and Surf Contests
Earn bonus credits while you are surfing

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Paul Brown

Admin MyEmpirehits

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Members : 5107
Average Surf : 1826
Average Shows : 1079
Average Shows : 2354
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